High Temp. Devices

High Temperature Devices

alt MJ-SF style drop-on-demand single jet dispensing devicesare suited for dispensing droplets of fluids such as adhesives, waxes, polymers and liquid metals at up to 250°C. An integrated orifice and wetted surfaces that are almost exclusively glass make MJ-SF devices extremely robust to aggressive materials, including solders. Orifice diameters of 20-80 um are available, allowing customers to optimize their process by selecting drop volumes with a two order of magnitude range. Fluids with viscosity less than 20 cP and surface tension in the range 20-70 dynes/cm can be dispensed.

Two fluid fitting styles are available: VCO and VCR. The VCO fitting is intended for use with the PH-04 and PH-05 high temperature printhead assemblies. The integrated orifice extends from the housing, allowing visualization of both internal flow and drop formation. Custom, application-specific configurations can also be developed.

Ordering Information

alt MJ-SF-01-xxx
High-temperature dispensing device with VCO fluid fitting, xxx denotes orifice diameter in microns. For PH-04 / PH-05 printheads.

High-temperature dispensing device with VCR fluid fitting, xxx denotes orifice diameter in microns.

High-temperature dispensing device with VCO fluid fitting, xxx denotes orifice diameter in microns. For PH-04a / PH-05a printheads.

Diamond-Like Carbon coating on front face of orifice. Add –DLC designation to any MJ part number.

Support Equipment

CT-M5-01: JetDrive™ V controller

CT-PT-21: Pressure / Thermal Controller

CT-PT-A1: Electronic Pressure Controller

CM-VS-03: Basic Optics System

Printhead Assemblies & Misc.: PH-04a, PH-05a, reservoirs, in-line filters; cleaning & retesting service


Standard orifice diameters 20-80 um, 5 um intervals
Standard orifice diam. tolerance ±1 um
MJ-SF-01, MJ-SF-04 fitting VCO
MJ-SF-02 fitting VCF
Electrical connector Molex 50-57-9402; Molex 16-02-0097
Standard wire length 200 mm
Printheads for MJ-SF-04 PH-04a, PH-05a
Fluid viscosity < 20 cPs
Fluid surface tension 20-70 dynes/cm
Fluid pH 2-11

Compatible Materials

Organic Solvents alcohols, ketones, aliphatics, aromatics, dipolar solvents
Aqueous Buffers nucleic acids, proteins, cells
Other Biologicals amino acids, lipids, biodegradable polymers
Electronic Materials fluxes, photoresists, epoxies, polyimides, electroactive polymers, cyanoacrylates, organometallics
Particle Suspensions pigments, latex spheres, metal nanoparticles, Teflon, phosphors, ferrites, zeolyts
Other sol-gels, thermoplastics, thermosets, acrylics, >1M salt solutions, photographic developer, fuels, aqueous adhesives, odorants

Additional Information

Brochure (PDF)
Drawings with dimensions
Equipment Selection Guide
Cleaning Guide