Ink-Jet Printing of Neuronal and Other Types of Cells

Dr. Patrick Smith's research group at the University of Sheffield used MicroFab's Jetlab® printing system to demonstrate ink-jet printing of biological and neuronal cells. The precise printing technique can be used for lab-on-chip technologies and to fabricate neural networks for fundamental neuroscience studies and applications. “Ink-jet printing can be used to produce finer neuronal networks than produced by other techniques since the printed cells produce longer neural processes,” Smith explains.

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May 2018

MicroFab equipment featured in TED talk on 3D printing for tissue engineering

alt Click on the link below to watch the video of the TEDxMIDWEST talk by Dr. Ben Harrison with Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine on tissue engineering.

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March 2014

Survivability of ink-jet encapsulated cells for Tissue Engineering

alt MicroFab, in ongoing collaboration with Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), demonstrated 7-day survival post printing & encapsulation. These experiments used a custom ink-jet Bioprinter built by MicroFab and installed at WFIRM.

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September 2014

jetlab® 4 in operation at University of Sheffield

Click on the link below to watch a video of jetlab® 4 in operation at Center for Advanced Additive Manufacturing at University of Sheffield in UK.


Curvilinear Printing in 3D


Beginning with shipments in July 2013, MicroFab has added on all new jetlab print stations the capability to print curved lines on the fly and to have synchronized vertical motion of the print head at the same time. This feature allows structures like conductive spirals to be used as antennae or kink-free conductive traces for circuitry to be printed efficiently and with a constant line width, which traditional raster scans cannot maintain. The seamlessly synchronized vertical head motion enables printing onto structured surfaces. Recently installed systems are eligible for a free control software and motion firmware upgrade.

August 2013