Image Analysis

Image Analysis

alt Custom image analysis routines are enabled in the JetServer™ and Jetlab® control programs by adding a runtime version of the Aphelion image analysis software to a subsystem using a Jetdrive™ V and video capture or to a Jetlab® Printing Platform. These routines allow for:
  • improved and additional calibration / alignment options;
  • measurement of droplet size, velocity and trajectory polar angle from vertical direction; and
  • surveying of printed spot patterns (Jetlab® Printing Platforms).

Standard Features

  • Generation and display of scales over both vertical and horizontal camera images, enabling rapid, accurate manual measurements.
  • Multiple selection algorithms and tuning tools for automatic edge detection.
  • Automated measurement of drop parameters: diameter, velocity, trajectory angle (one plane).
  • Automated measurement and location of fiducials and printed features. Used for alignment of drops to substrate features and rotation correction.

Available Options

  • Aphelion developer version for standalone work on image processing/analysis.

Ordering Information

Sensoray video capture board, USB.

Sensoray video capture board. PCI card.

Image analysis software and custom image analysis routines.


Jetlab® II (observation and substrate) 2.1 um / pixel – max zoom
21 um / pixel – min zoom
Jetlab® 4 (substrate) 4 um / pixel
Jetlab® 4 (observation – angled) 6.5 um / pixel
Jetlab® 4xl-A (observation – horizontal) 6.5 um / pixel
for standard Jetlab® II & Jetlab® 4 optics & camera

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