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MicroFab Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation in Digital Microdispensing Technologies


Developed manufacturing of first medical diagnostic test using ink-jet, for Abbott Labs; over $4B in product shipped.

Demonstrated the use of ink-jet in printed electronics.


Developed & patented high density, integrated array ink-jet printhead with spot size modulation for Compaq/HP.


First to ink-jet deposit DNA microspot array. Demonstrated & patented ink-jet printing of molten solder.


Demonstrated & patented ink-jet printing of micro-optical elements.


First to ink-jet print nano-metal inks and live cells.

Developed & patented ink-jet precision vapor generation for medical diagnostics, virtual reality, and calibration of explosive & drug detectors.


First to ink-jet PLED and phosphors for displays.


First to ink-jet print structures for tissue engineering. Launch of highly successful Jetlab® Printing Platform family.


First to ink-jet print carbon nanotubes.


First to ink-jet print organic solar cell. First OFET display backplane, fabricated using MicroFab equipment.


R&D 100 award for Shimadzu’s Chemical Ink-Jet Printer (proteomics), with MicroFab components as the key technology.


Drug coated stent, manufactured using MicroFab equipment, approved in Europe.


Delivered Jetlab® to NIST with integrated, automatic calibration for printing explosives detector standards.

Dealer network established that includes UK, France, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, & India.

MicroFab issued 42nd patent, inventors on 27 customer patents.

JetLab Printing Platforms installed in premier national research organization in US, China, Russia, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Argentina, Korea & Saudi Arabia.