Printheads Overview

alt Printhead assemblies in general consist of some or all of the following:

All printhead assemblies listed below can be used on the jetlab® printing systems. Printhead subsystems can be integrated into custom printing or dispensing systems, as illustrated in the Subsystem Selection Guide.

Room & Low Temperature Printheads & Dispensing Device Mounting Assemblies

Low temperature printhead assemblies are designed for operation at room temperature or up to 50°C.

PH-47 single fluid printhead assembly, unheated, stirring optional
PH-41 single fluid, cartridge style printhead assembly, heating optional
PH-46 four fluid heated printhead assembly, heating optional
PH-03 mounting block for MJ-AB dispensing device, unheated
PH-43 spring-loaded holder for MJ-A dispensing devices, unheated

High Temperature Printheads

High temperature printhead assemblies are designed for operation at temperatures up to 240°C. Input and heating for inert gas is provided in the PH-05a.

PH-04a Polymer Jet™ printhead assembly
PH-05a printhead assembly with integrated local inert environment