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Product Description

The PH-43 holds one low-temperature MJ-A dispensing device. The device is held in place by a spring loaded mechanism, so no tools are required to install or remove the dispensing device.

Ordering Information

Holder for low-temperature dispensing devices.

Low-temperature dispensing device. Choose from six device types with barb, Luer, and threaded fittings.

Support Equipment

The PH-43 may be combined with a fluid reservoir and the following components and subsystems to create a functional subsystem.

JetDriveā„¢ III controller, including command set and Windows based stand-alone control program, JetServerā„¢. Includes built in strobe delay & level 02 firmware (complex waveforms).

Pressure / Thermal Controller with one manual pneumatic channel.

Electronic Pressure Controller and Pressure Mode Selector, single channel.

Basic Optics System: CCD camera, power supply, lens, fine focus, mounting block.

Additional Information

Brochure (PDF)
Drawings with dimensions
Equipment Selection Guide
Integration Guide
Cleaning Guide