SphereJet™ Precision Microsphere System

Product Description

alt MicroFab has taken three popular ink-jet based microsphere production methods and combined them into a single bench top research platform. Based on MicroFab’s research into ink-jet manufactured drug loaded microspheres, The SphereJet™ system combines drop-on-demand, pressure assisted drop-on-demand, and continuous ink-jet drop formation. Drop generation rates of up to 50kHz and drop diameters of 20 µm to 100 µm can be achieved. With the SphereJet™ system, researchers can develop new materials and protocols based on the solvent extraction/evaporation method of microsphere manufacturing.

Standard Features

• Drop-on-demand, Pressure Assisted Drop-on-demand, or Continuous Mode drop formation.
• 10” x 10” digital stir plate with RPM readout.
• 1L collection vessel.
• Software controlled Z-axis positioning.
• Low and high pressure (up to 100 psi) pneumatics controls.
• CCD camera for drop and collection observation.
• Enclosed and controlled ventilated work area.
• JetDrive™ V drive electronics with bipolar, sine, and arbitrary waveform modes.
• JetLab® control software.



• Controlled Drug Delivery
• Microencapsulation
• Protein Delivery
• Tissue Engineering Supplements
• DNA Delivery
• Growth Factor Delivery
• Tracer Encapsulation
• Explosives Encapsulation

Ink-Jet Based Microsphere Characteristics

alt • Monodispersity
• Controllable Process
• Material Flexibility
• High Drug Loading Efficiency
• Sustained Release
• Pharmacological Efficacy
• Scalable Process

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