Image Analysis

Custom image analysis routines are enabled in the JetServer™ and Jetlab® control programs by adding a runtime version of the Aphelion image analysis software to a subsystem using a Jetdrive™ V and video capture or to a Jetlab® Printing Platform. These routines allow for:

  • improved and additional calibration / alignment options;
  • measurement of droplet size, velocity and trajectory polar angle from vertical direction; and
  • surveying of printed spot patterns (Jetlab® Printing Platforms, CT-VC-core).

Standard Features

  • Generation and display of scales over both vertical and horizontal camera images, enabling rapid, accurate manual measurements.
  • Multiple selection algorithms and tuning tools for automatic edge detection.
  • Algorithms for spot detection in both high contrast and low contrast images (low contrast CT-VC-Core)
  • Automated measurement of drop parameters: diameter, velocity, trajectory angle (one plane).
  • Automated measurement and location of fiducials and printed features. Used for alignment of drops to substrate features and rotation correction.

Available Options

  • Aphelion developer version for standalone work on image processing/analysis.

Ordering Information

Image analysis software and custom image analysis routines.

Image analysis software. Includes high contrast spot detection and drop analysis.

Image analysis software for drop analysis. Only available on jetting subsystems.


Jetlab® II (substrate - 10:1 zoom) 2.1 um / pixel – max zoom
21 um / pixel – min zoom
Jetlab® II (observation - fixed focal length) 6.5 um / pixel
Jetlab® 4 (substrate) 4 um / pixel
Jetlab® 4 (observation – angled) 6.5 um / pixel
Jetlab® 4xl-A (observation – horizontal) 6.5 um / pixel
* note: for standard Jetlab® II & Jetlab® 4 optics & camera

Brochure (PDF)

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