jetlab®4 xl-B Print Station with Ultra Micro-Balance

Product Description

For applications that require verifiable precision, such as the creation of printed standards for explosives detectors, the jetlab® 4xl-B integrates an ultra micro-balance with a jetlab® 4xl Printing Platform. The printhead may be positioned either over the X-Y stages for printing or over the balance for weight measurements. All balance measurement and reporting functions are under the control of the system software. Weight measurement results can be used in the program to control printing of arrays/filled rectangles, including fully automated printing using the standard scripting technology of jetlab® print stations. Target substrates or objects of up to 50 mm height are supported.

Standard Features

All of the standard features of the jetlab® 4 are included, plus an increased 250x275 mm² substrate size.

The ultra micro-balance provides a readout resolution of 0.1 µg, repeatability of 0.25 µg, and total load capacity of 2.1 g (gross weight including boat). A special enclosure limits the evaporation rate. Together with evaporation compensation algorithms allows mass measurements to better than 1% accuracy.

Within scripts, printing of arrays can be defined with a specified total mass and conditioned on stability criteria for the measurements of droplet mass and evaporation.

Available Options

CCD camera for substrate observation; heated substrate and / or printhead; Polymer Jet™ and custom printheads; image analysis routines for substrate alignment and drop analysis; computer controlled pressure/vacuum regulator.


Subsystem Standard Optional
X-Y travel 250 X 275 mm printable area  
Velocity / Acceleration 50 mm/s / 1500 mm/s2  
Accuracy / Repeatability ±25µm / ±5µm  
Computer Panel PC; monitor, keyboard and mouse; Windows 7; USB 2.0 & Ethernet ports; DVDRW  
Pneumatics Precision pressure/vacuum regulator with digital readout for jet operation;
three state pneumatic control
Electronic control: pressure/vacuum regulator and three state pneumatics
Vision Horizontal camera at 15° for jet setup, print observation, alignment to features Vertical camera for alignment, inspection Drop and fiducial image analysis software
Printheads & Jetting Devices Select one or more
(not included in base price)
Choose from PH-41, PH-41H & PH-47
Complex Print Jobs Script file: nesting, repetition with offsets, wait states, maintenance, & TTL controls; arbitrary printing resolution and direction  
Print Modes Print-on-the-Fly and Point-to-Point  
Jet Drive Electronics JetDrive™ V: bipolar and arb mode  
Ultra Micro-Balance Resolution 0.1 µg, repeatability 0.25 µg, maximum gross weight 2.1 g, evaporation control, <1% dispensed mass resolution  


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