Products Overview

MicroFab offers our customers solutions to their micro-dispensing requirements by offering a combination of consulting services, application development services, job-shop services, and equipment sales. Underlying the equipment and services we offer to our customers are our ongoing in-house research efforts on novel applications of ink-jet technology.

MicroFab's equipment offerings include Complete Systems, Subsystems, and Components. The Complete Systems include MicroFab's Jetlab® Printing Platform family. MicroFab also offers systems for Micro-sphere Fabrication and precision Vapor Generation.

Jetlabs® are installed in Australia, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, S. Korea, Slovenia, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, the UK, Estonia, and in the most prestigious National Laboratories in the US, S. Korea, Russia, Singapore, China, Argentina, India, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan.

Subsystems and Components are for customers who want to integrate MicroFab's micro-dispensing technology into their own systems. Subsystems include Drive Electronics; Pressure Control; Optics for drop and substrate observation; and Printhead. These Subsystems can be used together to create a Micro-Dispensing Subsystem.

In addition to equipment sales, MicroFab offers Application Development Services, Job-Shop Services, Consulting Services, and custom Micro-lens Arrays.

MicroFab's products are in use worldwide by over 500 organizations.

Equipment Selection Guide

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