Support Overview

MicroFab offers its customers solutions to their microdispensing requirements by providing a combination of consulting services, application development services, job-shop services, and equipment sales. Underlying these services is a commitment to customer service and support that starts with equipment selection assistance and continues with equipment and process development support throughout the entire period of equipment ownership.

Background information on ink-jet technology included in Technotes, the Equipment Selection Guide, and Manuals is provided to help with the selection process and with integration into existing systems. The Applications section provides a snapshot of some of the fields where ink-jet microdispensing has been and is being used including the dispensed materials.

MicroFab is dedicated to helping you find the right answers in selecting, using and maintaining your microdispensing and printing equipment. Contact us if you would like an one-on-one consultation for your specific application. Your questions will be answered promptly by experienced MicroFab engineers and scientists in your field of interest.

MicroFab aims to provide the best service in the industry (see Testimonials).

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