Solid Microspheres

PLGA microspheres, 50um in diameter, produced using ink-jet technology and loaded with Paclitaxel.

The manufacturing procedure did not affect the pharmacological efficacy of the encapsulated drug, as indicated by HPLC chromatograms and confirmed by tissue culture assay (figure below).

Comparisons of standard Paclitaxel and Paclitaxel extracted from the fabricated microspheres. Top: HPLC comparison. Bottom: Tissue culture comparison.

Jetted microspheres displayed a sustained release for at least 50 days. The in vitro released amounts were in a range proven to be adequate for inhibition and reversal of tumor growth.

Release kinetics results.

  • Highly uniform size
  • Controllable size
  • Control over release rates
  • Controllable and recipe-flexible manufacturing protocol
  • Easy to scale-up manufacturing (by using array printheads or multiple printheads)
  • Aseptical and easy to automate fabrication
  • Less toxicity:
    • jetted microspheres can be used as injectable drug delivery systems to deliver antineoplastic drugs directly at the tumor site, avoiding in this way the side effects associated with systemic administration.
    • local formulation is free of toxic adjuvants which are normally used in systemic therapy as solubility enhancers.
  • Biodegradable, thus no need for surgery to remove them.

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