Aroma Jet

Vapor generation technology can be also used to create vapors of fragrances and odorants. Such aroma generation equipment can be incorporated in virtual reality type systems (training, entertainment eg. games and movie theaters) to enhance the user’s environment. Other applications include kiosks for marketing or point of sale tools for retailers.

Gaming and Entertainment

Aromas enhance the actions of the game by bringing natural smells to the gamer; however, the use of aroma goes much deeper. Studies have shown that aromas can be used to trigger fear, excitement and many other emotions. Adding this dimension to games will create a more realistic gaming experience.

MicroFab created a prototype aroma generating system, code-named Pinoke, to demonstrate how compact and simple the technology can be in a gaming environment. A Pinoke type device could reside next to your monitor, directly in front of you or even be worn similar to a doctor's stethoscope. Digital signals written into software code trigger the aroma generator to emit precise amounts of the appropriate aroma. The mohawk atop Pinoke is an aroma cartridge, which is simply removed and replaced when the aroma materials are consumed.

The same technology in the gaming prototype, Pinoke, is applicable to the movie watching experience. The same way sound revolutionized silent films, aroma will revolutionize modern movies. Aroma generating devices will also enhance the virtual reality experience. Mounting devices in the virtual reality headsets will deliver the aromas to the trainee or gamer in an unobtrusive way. The incorporation of smell in virtual reality training will bring the training environment closer to real life.

Retail and E-Commerce

The next dimension to the internet or your local grocery store will be the addition of aromas. Imagine walking down the aisle at your local grocery store. You walk by the baking section, in particular the boxed brownie section. Your movement triggers a sensor to emit the aroma of fresh baked brownies. Would this entice you to buy the brownies or even make you hungry for brownies? The use of aromas can be very powerful and even more persuading than packaging alone.

Market research can be a challenging undertaking in the perfume industry. With the use of an aroma generation device, a company can perform market research on end user consumers at a more affordable cost than current methods. These tools are not only highly applicable to the perfume industry but also to any industry that wants to learn more about the impact aromas make on consumer decisions.

Kiosks with fragrance generating devices mounted inside will be a valuable tool when placed in department stores and linked back to fragrance manufacturers. An individual using the kiosk could select from different scents or “fragrance nodes” in any combination and smell the newly created fragrance within seconds. The program could then ask the consumer their likes and dislikes of the created fragrance all the while the information is being recorded and sent back over the Internet to the manufacturer. This application could also be used in a market testing facility or even research lab.

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