Mechanical Mounting

The low temperature devices in the MJ family (-AB, -AT, -ABP, -ATP, -ABL and -AL) can be mounted into MicroFab's printhead assemblies. Alternately, they can be mounted into customer designed fixtures. All low temperature devices are usually held by the cylindrical section in a small clearance hole using a nylon set screw to prevent deformation. A feed through for the wires must be a part of the mounting fixture. The wires come out at the center of the cylindrical section of each device type.

If -AL devices are connected directly to a syringe (their fluidic connection is a Luer fitting) it is recommended to hold the syringe barrel and not the dispenser to prevent damage due to the leverage introduced by the syringe. The ending on the protected tip devices provides the advantage of the conical reference surfaces for vertical and angular alignment. Finally, the -AT and -ATP can be mounted by holding the male Minstac union.

The basic dimensions (in inches) are included in the pdf version of this document on the page before last.

The mechanical parts and their assembly have to allow the alignment of the camera, LED and dispenser. Because some of the LEDs have a small cone angle and because at the required magnification the entire field of view is only couple of millimeters square it is important to have the means for precise adjustment. For the camera mount, the location is determined by the camera-optics working distance. If the camera does not have a focus adjustment, the camera should be adjustable along the LED – device direction. If the backpressure is set by adjusting the reservoir height, the mechanical features have to provide for it. A method of reading the height of the liquid level under the device tip should also be devised.

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